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About the American Indian Elder Blog & WiT2

The American Indian Elder Blog is sponsored by WiT2

WiT2 is a person centered health and social services consulting and management firm that focuses on LTSS and HCBS for American Indian elders and other adults.


With more than 25 years plus experience in the fields of American Indian health and social services, LTSS, HCBS, government and higher education; we have gained a significant amount of information and knowledge pertaining to elder care in general and American Indian Elders specifically. Our team includes those who have worked with and in IHS, tribal and urban settings.

WiT2 has conducted tribal feasibility studies, assessments of health centers, provided management to tribal nursing homes, home health, hospice, and assisted living facilities. Further, WiT2 is currently working with CMS on the Money Follows the Person, Tribal Initiative and with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Culture of Health Leaders Program.

We also wish to hear from our blog readers. Please feel free to share your opinions with us.

Thank you,  Lee H. Olitzky for WiT2

PS We also have a list serv, AmericanIndianElderGroup@googlegroups.com – if you would like to be added to the list serv, email: Lee@wit2tucson.com, and request to be added.